Choose No Boundaries

"Her dreams were caged

in the cage of fear,

and her confidence was seized

by the thoughts of her peer.

Her feelings that were treated

even smaller than her age

turned her emotions

into the feeling of rage.

But long it took for her to know

'It is always the beautiful bird which gets caged' "

Life has a lot to teach us. And indeed, it does. Whether its something good or bad, positive or negative. It teaches us so well that we could, for once, forget our maths tables, but not what it taught us.

Hello Everybody! This is the second post to my blog and today I want to talk about the fear of life. That is – the fear of judgement, fear of falling, losing loved ones or friends, or anything that bothers you. Your fear that has taken away your confidence and self-esteem will be our talk of the day. Continue reading Choose No Boundaries


The First Interaction

A story of mine, that I always wanted to share..

My real life that I live in,

And the parallel virtual world I dream of..

Well the former holds nothing so great but the latter is what you’d love to read about.

The parallel virtual present that I live in and the future I dream of is like the mint filling in the dark chocolate. Yumm! I love it and I’m sure you will love it too.

Sometimes I will make sense and sometimes I might not, but writing this in a hope that my readers would get to know life better (like no one is perfect, at least I’m not) and get some inspiration as well as motivation to live a happy life. No! by this I don’t mean to say that I am someone who’s perfect or someone who has achieved great heights. No, neither of it is the case. I’m an ordinary person with (really) big dreams that (of course) every living soul dreams of and I write, to capture every feeling of mine, good or bad and to share it with you all. I’m 19 years old, currently  studying law (BA.,LLB(H)) and I’m Indian (delhite). Continue reading The First Interaction